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The world is your home and you're looking for the right place to be? Therefore, COHOBA combines some of the most unique Lifestyle & Leisure Reports. Not only for you. But for a very british way of life. Simply magnificent. Absolutely stylish. And traditional, of course. Thus, we present you the most delicious cocktails, precious hotels, superb bars, and premium lifestyle products around the world...


Who We Are

Just imagine three ambitious people. Not too young. But maybe a little bit too eager. And always on the go. Looking for this one place. The place to be. That sounds pretty much like Amrei, Pia and Dennis. No matter if they travel as journalists, scientists or lecturers. They'll always keep an open eye to find the right amount of lifestyle and leisure. Everywhere. Published here, at COHOBA!


(GER) Reports

Here you get our German Lifestyle & Leisure Reports, also frequently updated and carefully selected.

Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg (March, 2017)

If your're looking for a 5-star hotel with Hanseatic appeal, the Louis C. Jacob is the place to stay at day and night. They state to be a genuine piece of Hamburg and our latest report tells you why:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 03/2017)

EDEN AU LAC Hotel, Zurich (January, 2017)

The EDEN AU LAC descibes itself as architectural masterpiece - and indeed, it is worth more than an eyecatcher. Right at Lake Zurich it offers you exquisite cuisine and some very smoothing tunes of Jazz:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 02/2017)

Meliá Villa Capri Hotel & Spa + Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri (September, 2016)

Going to Italy and coming back again - we brought together two very good reasons for that kind of trip in one Lifestyle & Leisure Report that will calm you down whilst reading:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 16/2016)

Guts & Glory, Karlsruhe (September, 2016)

Attention boxing enthusiasts: Today we introduce you to the Guts & Glory in Karlsruhe, where flavoured drinks and stylish tastes struggle for the hearts of the customers. So, we like boxing, but we love this bar:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 15/2016)

Hotel Le Sirenuse, Positano (August, 2016)

Just imagine being in the center of Positano having the coast with its marvelous beaches only 200 metres away from your most comfortable room, an Oyster Bar and a Michelin-starred Restaurant. Experience some italian flair in the Hotel Le Sirenuse:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 14/2016)

Bayern Chalets, Bavaria (July, 2016)

Nature, lifestyle and a little bit of luxury - that's the idea of Bayern Chalets. Five Stars, a quiet and sunny location, close to Salzburg and a golf course nearby. If you want to experience a bedroom furnished exclusively with wood from the Swiss Stone Pine, here you go:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 13/2016)

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), Paris (May, 2016)

Despite its romantic attitude Paris offers a very impressive compilation of hotels that combine lifestyle, leisure and luxury. Together with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) we visited three of them at the heart of France:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 12/2016)

The Cambrian, Adelboden (February, 2016)

The Cambrian Hotel calls itself "Homebase" - and it definitely is! With its stunning mountain views in every direction you feel like being part of the true nature, without having to compromise in terms of premium class comfort:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 9/2016)

Harry's New York Bar, Cologne (February, 2016)

We haven't seen a longer bartable in Cologne: Harry's New York Bar offers it's customers fine selected drinks and splendid service on 16 m in length. Delicious snacks and live music events make every visit to an unique experience:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 6/2016)

Bellevue Palace, Bern (February, 2016)

Feeling like a statesman - with timeless elegance inside and outside the Bellevue Palace. Nothing less will be offered, because this is the official hotel of the Swiss Government at the heart of the Bernese Alps. Come in and discover 150 years of luxurious history:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 4/2016)

Hyatt Regency, Dusseldorf (January, 2016)

Experience a stunning view on the Rhine and Media Harbour - the true heart of Dusseldorf and it's Old Town. Accross the peninsula you will find the popular Rhine Tower and a spectacular view on the skyline of this trendy city. The inside offers quite the amount of elegance for leisure and business travellers one might expect from Hyatt.

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 02/2016)

Gorki Apartments, Berlin (October, 2015)

If you're looking for a place to feel like it's your second home, the Gorki Apartements are definitely worth a trip right into the heart of Berlin. They say it is understated luxury, but it is more than that: A total of 34 apartments and 2 penthouses offers each visitor whimsical designs and lot's of relaxation:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 11/2015)

Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt (September, 2015)

Villa Kennedy not only pays tribute to the road it is located on — it is also named in honour of President John F. Kennedy’s visit in 1963. Follow us to see how cultural luxuriancy and charming style combine among with five stars in our capital of commerce and banking:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 10/2015)

Little Link, Cologne (August, 2015)

Little Link is more than a label. It's an attitude. Their excellent services combine finest ingredients with potential liquids and make a little link with and between all customers. There seems to be a little secret, known as outstanding quality and cocktails that are worth having a conversation about them:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 9/2015)


(UK) Reports

Here you get our English Lifestyle & Leisure Reports, frequently updated and carefully selected.

Atlantic Kempinski, Hamburg (August, 2015)

Six months ago I have been in Hamburg. Well, one could say that it's a little bit late for a new Lifestyle & Leisure Report. But I not only had my reasons, I finally learned how places and people can be remembered as one moment in time. And being in Hamburg, there is no better place than the Atlantic Kempinski, it's promise of glamour and maybe the most personal service I have ever encountered:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 8/2016)

Seiberts, Cologne (June, 2015)

Most bars open their doors late in the evening, but Seiberts opens its doors just in the right moment of the day - when your job is finished! And it’s like a paradise in the middle of Colognes fancier shopping streets. Everything seems to be flavoured with a personal note. It feels almost like holiday, because you get to relax in the sun and one of the best Old Fashioned cocktails inspired us to our third Lifestyle & Leisure Report:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 3/2015)

Shepheard, Cologne (May, 2015)

Being a long time customer and bringing my friends and customers to that specific place for several years, a simple question crossed my mind: Why do I always end up at this bar? Well, to be honest, I still don't know the answer. But I can introduce you to a very professional and affectionate team, indescribable good cocktails and an unique atmosphere beneath the city. And our COHOBA team concurs: The Shepheard seems to be magical. And our first Lifestyle & Leisure Report let's you know why:

(Lifestyle & Leisure Report 1/2015)

Coming soon...

Our first review of Dukes St. James Hotel & Bar in London...


Our little Archive

This is our Archive of previous Lifestyle & Leisure Reports.

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